Selection Criteria

Background and task group purpose:

Following consultation with a Maggie’s Giving Group Criteria Selection Task Group that met in early April, 2018, a decision was made to make the annual selection of two worthy charities to research and select become a bit more compassionately organized and focused:

  1. Rather than having all eligible charities that are nominated by Chicory Wealth clients be equally considered by that year’s board, …
  2. We will use three distinct “buckets/categories” of charities that will still fall into the broad overall criteria of having a high likelihood of appealing to a significant number of the people making nominations, and
  3. Each rotating year we will give BONUS points and thus emphasis to JUST ONE of those categories of charities.

ANY charity can still be nominated, but clients and the Maggie’s Giving Group board will be inspired to give certain types of charity more attention in some years. This gives some charities that historically never get selected more of a chance.


Listed below are the categories and their planned focus years:

2020 — No Category Priority (Due to these unique COVID-19 impacted times, we will pause from prioritizing any one of our three broad charity categories this year)

2021 & 2024 — Environment/Sustainability

2018 & 2022 — People

2019 & 2023 — Animals


Non-profit nomination:

  • Must be an IRS 501(c)3 qualified charity
  • Serve a vulnerable/underserved population
  • Appeal to a broad demographic of Chicory Wealth clients
  • Have a clear and compelling mission
  • Generate direct, tangible results
  • Be well-managed
  • Demonstrate likelihood of being a sustainable organization
  • Be able to make a real impact from the projected $5,000 to $7,000 typically raised by our event
  • Does NOT need to be local to metro Atlanta, given that a growing portion of Chicory Wealth clients now live outside of Georgia; it may be a small global organization
  • Should not be a prior recipient of Maggie’s Giving Group funds (a list of prior recipients can be found HERE)


If you are a Chicory Wealth client and wish to name a nomination, please use THIS ONLINE FORM, or send the information to

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