Compassion to Animals Is 2019 Focus

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CLICK HERE to watch a video produced by Clark Hill of Clark Hill Creative introducing the Atlanta Audubon Society and Lifeline Animal Project.

NOVEMBER 2020 UPDATE — A Report from our two 2019 partners:

Georgia Audubon: As with many organizations, this year has brought many changes and challenges for Georgia Audubon (formerly Atlanta Audubon Society). First and foremost, earlier this year, our board of directors elected to broaden our geographic focus, and with that change came a new organizational name to reflect our statewide approach: Georgia Audubon.

We were thrilled to be named as one of the 2019 recipients of the Chicory Wealth Maggie’s Giving Group. In total, 30 donors contributed $3,436 to support our conservation, education, and community engagement programs. As we quickly shifted this spring to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, we were able to use these funds—and others—to set up a robust virtual programming infrastructure, including a Zoom webinar account.

As many other organizations were paralyzed with uncertainty early on in this pandemic, we moved forward quickly to set up weekly virtual bird walks via Facebook Live and scheduled a full calendar of educational webinars on a variety of topics. In total, Georgia Audubon has been able to engage more than 75,000 individuals via social media programming, as well as more than 10,000 participants in webinars and other digital content.

Birds and nature have given us so much this year. During the spring’s lockdowns and through the following months’ continuation of social distancing, more and more people have turned to the outdoors for respite, and they are finding peace through the birds all around them.

We’re pleased to report that Georgia Audubon is ably navigating this year’s continued uncertainty. Being able to tap into the more than $3,400 raised from Chicory Wealth donors at the end of last year has buoyed our ability to offer new digital resources to our members and program participants. Even after COVID-19 relents, we’ve realized that our path forward will continue to include a variety of digital, educational offerings. We invite everyone at Chicory Wealth, and the donors who make up Maggie’s Giving Group, to join us at an upcoming event:

On behalf of all of us at Georgia Audubon, our sincere thanks for everyone’s generosity.


LifeLine Animal Project: We were thrilled to be invited to participate in Maggie’s Giving Group’s holiday party in 2019. We had the opportunity to meet some new supporters that night as well as reconnect with a few old friends of the organization. The celebration generated approximately $3,000 in donations to LifeLine, and those dollars were utilized in support of our active community outreach work that assists pet owners in need here in Atlanta.

It was apparent in all of our communication with Chicory Wealth representatives as well as their clients, that the firm truly walks the walk in terms of its “Integrating Money and Meaning” philosophy. We were happy to be a part of the event and get the chance to talk about LifeLine and our work in front of this special group of people.



The priority category for Maggie’s Giving Group 2019 is organizations that support animals. (For more on why the board uses categories and the board’s selection criteria, read here.) The MGG board received sixteen nominations this year – all organizations doing amazing work in our communities. After careful research, the MGG board selected the two final organizations because of the substantial impact they are making in the lives of animals and those who care for them and their focus on specific new initiatives to further their work. We are pleased to be able to support the Atlanta Audubon Society and Lifeline Animal Project at the Maggie’s Giving Group holiday party in December. Below you can find a description of these two worthwhile organizations, as well as all the organizations that were nominated. We hope you will consider supporting them.

Atlanta Audubon Society

Atlanta Audubon Society is dedicated to building places where birds and people thrive. Serving all 20 metro Atlanta counties and areas of North Georgia, Atlanta Audubon strives to connect people with nature and to inspire everyone to be stewards of birds and the environment. Just as bird diversity strengthens ecosystems, the diversity of human experiences, traditions, and viewpoints strengthens this organization’s conservation, education, and advocacy efforts. Funds raised at the MGG event will likely go toward scholarships for teachers and/or for their Youth Conservation Internship Program. Atlanta Audubon education ambassador Sibley, a non-flighted ruby-throated hummingbird, will be a guest at the party.

LifeLine Animal Project

LifeLine Animal Project is working to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in metro Atlanta shelters and is the managing organization of Fulton County Animal Services and the DeKalb County Animal Services shelter. Since 2002, LifeLine has worked to assess the needs of Atlanta’s animal welfare community and provide innovative, strategic resources in support of its mission to end shelter euthanasia of homeless animals. Rather than reinforce traditional models of animal control and sheltering, which historically have not served the animals well, LifeLine has focused on community-driven approaches to neighborhood reinvestment and public safety through programs designed to increase both human and animal welfare. Funds raised through MGG will likely go to support programming for their soon-to-open LifeLine Community Animal Center.


American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue

This organization is devoted to rescuing coonhounds and bloodhounds in the United States. These dogs are often dumped by hunters after hunting season, neglected and over bred, and left in kill shelters, especially in the southeast United States. The organization provides medical care, rehabilitation, rescue, and adoption.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

This non-profit is dedicated to saving dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in north Georgia, operating through a network of volunteers and foster homes in the metro Atlanta area. Their mission is to “rescue one until there are none,” with a vision of ending animal suffering and creating a world in which there are no longer unwanted pets.

The Chattahoochee Nature Center

This is a private, non-profit environmental education facility in Roswell, GA located on 127 acres adjacent to the Chattahoochee River. The mission is to connect people with nature, focusing on educational outreach through the use of live flora and fauna. An on-site wildlife clinic operates at the center for the rehabilitation and release of reptiles, amphibians, and birds of prey.

Compassionate Atlanta

Compassionate Atlanta, currently with more than 140 partner organizations, aspires to be a collaborative partner with all the organizations in Greater Atlanta that are committed to bringing compassion to life. The Compassionate Atlanta Planning Team, which was formed in 2013, was instrumental in getting the City of Atlanta designated as a “Compassionate City.”

DeKalb County Library Foundation

The mission of the DeKalb County Library Foundation is to provide support for the DeKalb County Public Library beyond public funding and to enrich the lives of DeKalb County citizens through educational, cultural, and literary programs and services. The foundation provides funding not covered by tax dollars for literacy and cultural programs and supplements the books and materials fund.

DREAM Dachshund Rescue

DREAM is a completely volunteer-run rescue organization for dachshunds and dachshund mixes, mostly in the Atlanta, North Georgia, and Savannah areas. These volunteers rescue dogs in difficult situations, provide medical care for them, foster them, and eventually find them a forever home.

Fair Fight Action

Fair Fight promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encouraging voter participation in elections and educating voters about elections and their voting rights. Fair Fight brings awareness to the public on election reform, advocates for election reform at all levels, and engages in targeted voter registration and other voter outreach programs and communications.

Georgia Interfaith Power & Light

Since 2003, GIPL has been committed to serving the 15,000 faith communities across Georgia in practices of environmental stewardship and sustainability while drawing attention to the impact of climate change all around us. Programs include professional energy audits to congregations, energy efficiency projects like solar power, a “green team” initiative that trains people in faith communities to be better stewards of their resources, and a focus on poor and marginalized people who suffer disproportionately from environmental contamination and inefficient housing, which increases their energy costs.

Georgia Wildlife Federation

In 1936, the objective of the Georgia Wildlife Federation was established, and it is the same today as it was more than 80 years ago: “To encourage the intelligent management of the life sustaining resources of the earth – its essential water resources – its protective forests and plant life – and its dependent wildlife – and to promote and encourage the knowledge and appreciation of these resources, their interrelationship and wise use, without which there can be little hope for a continuing abundant life.”

Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences (MARR)

MARR Addiction Treatment Center has been in operation in Atlanta, Georgia for more than 40 years, and it is one of the few non-profit treatment facilities remaining in the southeastern United States. It is dedicated to bringing total recovery to chemically dependent individuals through high-quality, cost effective, gender-specific treatment programs. Their drug and alcohol rehab program is designed around mentoring clients in a disciplined, caring, and respectful environment.

Path to Shine

Path to Shine seeks to inspire children in Georgia to achieve hope-filled dreams by educating and encouraging children through free mentoring, tutoring, and enrichment programs, while motivating people who can make a positive difference in a child’s life. Both the children and the mentors end up benefiting through an emotional investment of courage and vulnerability.

Southerners on New Ground (SONG)

Southerners on New Ground (SONG) is a regional queer liberation organization made up of black people, people of color, immigrants, undocumented people, people with disabilities, and others in the South. They believe all people are bound together by a shared desire for ourselves, each other, and our communities to survive and thrive, and that community organizing is the best way to build collective power and transform the South.

Project Chimps

Project Chimps is the newest chimpanzee sanctuary in the United States and was founded to provide lifelong exemplary care to 200 former research chimpanzees at its sanctuary on 236 acres of forested land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia. Today, Project Chimps is home to 59 chimpanzees, and the organization is working to move nearly 150 more to permanent sanctuary.

Wellspring Living

Founded in 2001, Wellspring Living is a non-profit organization in Atlanta that provides domestic sex trafficking victims and those at risk with specialized recovery services through three residential programs and two community-based programs. The programs provide transformative care through therapeutic services, education, life skills, and personal and professional development.

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