The 2018 Maggie’s Giving Group Charities

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One thing the Maggie’s Giving Group process never fails to emphasize is the number of excellent organizations doing good work in their communities. This year was no different. Chicory Wealth clients nominated a total of 22 amazing organizations under the theme of “helping people.” The final two that were selected both focus on the importance of food in creating a healthy and welcoming environment. Please read below about Malachi’s Storehouse and Refuge Coffee Company, which will both be honored at the Maggie’s Giving Group Holiday Party on December 1, 2018. A list of all the fine organizations that were nominated is also included below. We are grateful for all these organizations and all who participated in the nomination process.


Malachi’s Storehouse

Malachi’s Storehouse is an organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity in Metro Atlanta. The mission is to nourish both body and spirit through the guiding principles of radical hospitality, sharing, and compassion. They operate every Wednesday between 11 am and 2 pm at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Dunwoody, GA, where they provide a hot meal to more than 250 people each week. They also provide groceries to more than 800 families each week, a clothing closet, toys for clients’ children at Christmas, and backpacks and school supplies. They have an organic garden that provides fresh produce, which their clients tend. More than 80 volunteers are utilized each week, most of whom first came to Malachi’s Storehouse in search of food. One of the current goals of Malachi’s Storehouse is to purchase a commercial-size dishwasher, as currently volunteers spend long hours hand-washing the dishes for 250 meals, including pots and pans. The organization has been in operation for more than 25 years, working to be both a practical resource as well as a community of compassion and kindness.


Refuge Coffee Co.

Refuge Coffee Co., which began in 2015, has a served more than 80,000 customers from 60+ countries at their permanent location in Clarkston, GA, and through their catering service. The organization has three goals: to provide employment and job training opportunities to resettled refugees, to create a welcoming gathering place in Clarkston, and to raise awareness in Atlanta about the refugee population. Approximately 2,500 refugees settle in Clarkston every year, more than half of whom fled violence in their home countries. There are about 145 countries and 761 ethnic groups represented in Clarkston, which has become over the last 30 years a magnet for refugee resettlement. The unemployment rate in Clarkston is double the national average. The main job offer these immigrants receive is working in a chicken processing plant two hours away. Refuge Coffee Co. provides them with a living wage at an in-town location, as well as job training, coaching and mentoring. A brand new video illustrates their job training program. In addition, Refuge Coffee Co. offers an opportunity for all citizens to mingle and get to know one another. Their motto is “Building community and economic opportunities, one cup of coffee at a time.”




Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children

The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children provides daytime services for homeless mothers and their kids, giving them the tools needed to break free from homelessness. Services at the Day Shelter include day care, showers, laundry, lunch, MARTA cards for medical appointments, medical care, life-skills classes, recreational opportunities, access to My Sister’s House, and more.


Casa Materna Ana Sayre

Casa Materna Ana Sayre serves women in the rural, isolated and poverty-stricken region of Cahabon Guatemala. Its purpose is to reduce the high maternal and infant death rates by providing free, safe, short-term residence within reach of a medical facility for expecting mothers.


Children’s Restoration Network

The mission of CRN is to offer hope and support for homeless children and their mothers and to enable them to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering them to become part of mainstream society as active, productive citizens.


Compassionate Atlanta

Compassionate Atlanta is founded on the International Charter for Compassion, with the call to action to honor our common humanity. Its mission is to educate, engage, inspire and empower Greater Atlanta to spread compassionate action.



Drawchange contributes to the education of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children by bringing art into their daily lives. They supply the materials and art therapy-based instruction that inspire children worldwide to create real and lasting change for them, their families, and their communities.


Georgia State University Prison Education Project

The Georgia State University Prison Education Project seeks to bring higher education into prisons, support reentry into society by those who have been incarcerated, and reduce recidivism. GSUPEP offers support and opportunity to incarcerated students to promote lifelong learning that strengthens human character, increases understanding of life experiences, and motivates students to engage in productive citizenship.


International Community School

The International Community School (ICS) is a public charter school in DeKalb County, GA, serving refugees, immigrants, and local children in grades K-5 by providing a rigorous and holistic education in an intentionally diverse community of mutual learners.


Lost-n-Found Youth

Lost-n-Found Youth is an Atlanta, GA, based nonprofit that exists to end homelessness for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ+) and all sexual minority youth.


Mercy Care Clinic

Mercy Care Clinic is a free or low-cost health clinic for individuals and families in the Atlanta area. They provide compassionate, clinically excellent healthcare in the spirit of loving service to those in need, with special attention to the poor and vulnerable.


Moms Demand Action (Georgia Chapter)

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. It campaigns for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes that jeopardize the safety of families.


Ms. Gussie’s Place

Ms.Gussie’s Place in Union City, GA, is a center for children challenged with multiple different abilities and their families. They believe in building on the abilities of each child, and focus on stimulating, motivating, and educating all their students.


Path to Shine

Path to Shine seeks to inspire children to achieve hope-filled dreams by educating and encouraging them through free mentoring, tutoring, and enrichment programs, while motivating people who can make a difference in a child’s life.


Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm is a unique summer camp for middle schoolers in rural south Georgia that focuses on human rights education. Campers from diverse backgrounds come together to learn from each other and from passionate peacemakers who are making a difference in their communities.


Racial Justice Action Center

The Racial Justice Action Center oversees several projects, including Women on the Rise (a grassroots organizing project for formerly incarcerated women and women with records), a Transformative Organizing Institute (a leadership development and somatic training series), and the Solutions Not Punishment (SNaP) Coalition campaign to win implementation of a local diversion program for people arrested for street level sex work that provides substance abuse, mental health, and job training.


Sagal Radio Services

With a mission to be “the voice of new Americans,” Sagal Radio provides language-specific information to the East African community of Atlanta, but has added other new languages and content to meet the needs of the growing diversity in the area.


StandUp for Kids

StandUp For Kids mentors are matched with high school students identified by the school social workers as being homeless or at-risk. The pair meet bi-weekly for lunch at the student’s school. These lunch meetings focus around academic success for high school graduation, the college/trade school application process, and life skills that help kids realize their potential.


The Starr Institute

The Starr Institute is committed to renewing, reeducating, and redirecting the mind, body, and soul of girls who are victors over sexual abuse. It seeks to fill in the gaps of initiatives designed to bring awareness, and go deeper to heal the internal pain that comes from being victimized and sexually abused.


Street Smart Youth Project

Street Smart programs are designed to help at-risk youth and young adults identify their personal strengths and take control of the thoughts and feelings that drive high-risk behavior. The programs focus on building resiliency and place a special emphasis on prevention regarding delinquent and criminal behavior, alcohol and substance abuse, and HIV awareness and prevention.


Urban Health and Wellness Clinic

Urban Health and Wellness is a free nonprofit medical clinic that serves uninsured people in and around Atlanta. It provides routine primary care, helps patients manage chronic illness and/or diseases, and helps with obtaining certain prescription medications.


Women’s Storybook Project

Women’s Storybook Project in Texas is a special program that helps incarcerated mothers do what moms have always done to comfort and nurture their children—read them bedtime stories, using their own voices to love, reassure, and encourage them from miles away.

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